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Parking is available with handicap access on site with additional parking on the street and in the UTSA lot under the I-35 overpass.  Children are always welcome in our worship services.  The church features two cry-rooms in the sanctuary and a staffed nursery for those who need it.  A special children’s church is offered during the 11:00 AM service.

Feb 18

UTSA Mentoring

Mentoring of School-age Students

UTSA –Master’s Level School Psychologists-in-training



Strengths, gaps and developing resiliency


Purpose – To provide school-aged students with trained mentors that will assist the child/adolescent in his/her development of resiliency. Students will meet weekly (for one hour) on the UTSA DT campus. During this time the individual with be provided activity that will assist with the development of identified cognitive, behaviorally and/or social needs that are associated with their personal growth and movement toward adolescents/young adulthood. To facilitate these ongoing interpersonal changes, mentors will work with each student to identify strengths and gaps in learning and/or social-behavioral development. They will then record, create interventions, and measure / monitor change.


Goals – (1) To assist students in processing change through problem solving and cognitive behavioral activities,

(2) To identify participant engagement patterns and introduce variant active engagement styles that may facilitate active participation in the processing of change,

(3) To identify challenges and provide supplemental instruction that addresses identified gaps.


Value in addressing: Self-reflection Processing

Change can often be a difficult process. Pre-adolescents and adolescents experience many changes. They are often not equipped to address these challenges in a positive manner. Mentoring from a self-reflective process facilitates how change can be processed. Differential complexities of change will be addressed.


Change need not be a threatening experience or one characterized as outside the control of the individual. This Self-reflection Processing component will allow the individual to pause and process proposed changes as each is occurring.


All collected data will be held in the strictest level of confidence and be maintained only as coded (data). There is only one exception to this level of confidentiality; should the mentee address personal injury to self or others, this information will be shared with the school administrator in accordance to school and district policy.


With each meeting, the mentee will be invited to respond to five scripted prompts using the L-listen, I-identify a concern, B-brainstorm, R-reality-test, and E-encourage (LIBRE) Model. These responses will be recorded on the provided LIBRE Stick Figure Tool (LSFT) form. Only the participant’s words will be recorded.


Anticipated outcomes: The complexities of change will be addressed. Changes will be processed to facilitate maximum student success. Student gaps will be addressed and skills taught and supported through practice. A resiliency plan will be developed with recommendations to support the gains that have been made.

Feb 06

El Mensajero – 6 February 2016

El Mensajero Newsletter 6 February 2016

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Dec 22

2015 Children’s Christmas Program

Use this link to view the 2015 “Birth of the Christ Child” Children’s Christmas Program from December 13, 2015.

Children’s Program on Youtube