The following resolution was passed unanimously by the La Trinidad UMC – San Antonio Church Council on Sunday, May 7, 2023.

A RESOLUTION declaring
La Trinidad United Methodist Church (UMC) of San Antonio, Texas
a “Lighthouse Congregation” of the UMC

Sunday, May 7, 2023 

Whereas a significant number of local congregations are currently disaffiliating from the United Methodist Church;  

Whereas United Methodists may find themselves alienated or excluded through the actions of disaffiliating congregations;

Whereas a “Lighthouse Congregation” is a United Methodist local church that declares itself to be a safe haven and refuge for individuals who seek to remain United Methodist; and,

Whereas La Trinidad UMC of San Antonio, Texas will retain its United Methodist connection and identity with a commitment to conduct on-site and online ministry with inclusion, respect, hospitality, love, and grace for all persons consistent with the Spirit of Jesus Christ;
Therefore, the Church Council of La Trinidad UMC declares La Trinidad UMC to be a “Lighthouse Congregation” and offers its love prayers, fellowship, and ministry to faithful United Methodists who have been harmed, alienated, and stranded by the disaffiliation process.